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March 8th
Love vs. Leprechauns

The Shakers celebrate two holidays in one! With Glenn and Kristyn representing Saint Valentine and Marley and Casey fighting for Saint Patrick, it's a battle of the holidays in a feast of shortform showdowns and longform shenanigans! There will be battles; there will be laughs; there will be free popcorn!

Where: Tupelo's Link Centre - Black Box Theater
When:March 8th - 7:30-9:30 PM
Tickets: $5

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Interested in booking a show or a workshop? Looking for West of Shake Rag to entertain at your event? Want to give us feedback? Lonely? Send an e-mail to contact@westofshakerag.com!
West of Shake Rag is Tupelo's very own Improv Comedy Troupe! What is improv? Improv can be thought of as "on the spot" or "off the cuff" spontaneous comedy driven by audience suggestion, and sometimes participation! In the tradition of Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Thank God You're Here, and NPR's Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! no two shows are ever quite the same, but are sure to have you laughing!


December 9th, 2013

Greetings, Shakerfans! We're gearing up for our annual Cozy Christmas Sweater Show- one of my personal favorites. ♥ Here's one of the photos that didn't make the cut for the poster:

For those who have missed it, we have shows on Thursdays now! We perform almost every Thursday night (the exception being on the week of our monthly Saturday show) at 7PM at the Link. Tickets are still $5, and there's free snacks, as well as drinks sold. These shows differ from our Saturday shows (which are still on the 2nd Saturday of the month) in that they're themed for a more mature audience, and they vary completely in style from week to week. Sometimes we're doing shortform with Shortform Showdown, sometimes we're doing longform like West of Shakespeare or SoapProv, sometimes there's stand-up comedy or a performance by Glenn & Casey's Stranger, Are You Smiling?, and sometimes we're trying out a brand-new, never-before-seen, completely off-the-wall format just because we can. They're still completely improvised and based on your suggestions and participation, so come out and see what new shenanigans we're cooking up with Comedy Thursdays at the Link!

For more news on what we're doing on and off the web, be sure to check us out on Facebook! We do a lot of updating there these days, and that'll be the first place you see things like our posters and extra photos. We also like to poll our viewers with questions and embarrass one another there, so click that Like button and have us on your feed!

We hope to see you at our next show, which will be our 4th Annual Cozy Christmas Sweater Show! Glenn and Carlton are putting together a series of games and a midform themed around the holiday season, and as always, we'll need our audience to provide suggestions for scenes and to participate in our games- it wouldn't be improv without you! In addition to that, we'll be having our Coziest Christmas Sweater Contest, so crack out the sweater Grandma gave you in the third grade and wear it to the show! The more festive, the better your chances to win a prize! We Shakers have our own competition too- will Carlton, who has won every year so far, take home the gold? Or will another Shaker rise to the challenge? We'll see!

Onward into 2014, Shakerfans!